No house disaster is fairly as aggravating as when a hot water heater is leaking. When the tank on a Denver CO water heater gets a leak, it can be a huge mess to clean up. For those that do not have an automated shutoff on the water heater, it will remain to take water right into the tank, until the main water line going into the tank is switched off. naturally, none of that water can be correctly heated up, since it’s all leaking out right into your basement or laundry room!

What Is a Denver Water Heater Expansion Tank?Denver Water Heater Expansion Tank

Like many materials, water expands when heats up. A traditional water heater has to heat up water many times a day, considering that hot water is generally used much in an active house several times throughout a 24 hour period of time. It is simple to not think of the amount of water that is used when every person in a family takes a bath, with cooking and washing the pots and pans, and with operating the clothes washing machine. Every single time the hot water in the tank is depleted, it needs to be refilled. That indicates that cold water gets introduced and heated up to the pre-set temperature (normally around 120-140 degrees).

The trouble, after that, is due to thermal expansion. When the heated water expands, it enhances the pressure within the storage tank. In the past, when the pressure in the storage tank developed it would simply send a little of the water back through the public water main and away from the house, thus relieving the extra pressure. Yet this strategy doesn’t still work in every area anymore since numerous public water mains have check valves that don’t permit water to turn around. This prevents backflow catastrophes in a home, yet places additional pressure on a water heater’s storage tank. This is this is how come many local communities are requiring for a water heater expansion tank to be made use of.

A water heater expansion tank is an exterior container that is connected to the water heater. When extra pressure develops inside the storage tank of the water heater, the expansion tank enables the compressed water and air to escape,considerably reducing the pressure on the water heater itself. This procedure also improves the life expectancy of the heater too.

Water heater expansion tanks are obligatory for tank installation in some areas these days. Some manufacturers will nullify the guarantee on a heater if it is not used. So look into having a water heater expansion tank setup from us. It is a great safety add on to have on any water heater, and one that has wonderful life-extending abilities. Learn more here.

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